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Fun Face Academy

Stage 2

Fun Face Academy™ Orientation and Online Quiz
Learn about Fun Face Express® and all aspects of the Fun Face Academy™ experiential learning program.  Take the brief online quiz once you have learned the material.and feel ready for the program.
All applicants need to pass the Stage 2 Online Quiz before moving to State 3 and beyond.
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Fun Face Academy

Stage 3

Fun Face Academy™ workshops at local youth centers.
Learn how to face paint our most popular all original full face designs and some advanced tips for improving your quality and speed.
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Fun Face Academy

Stage 1

Complete Online Application
Do you have years of face painting experience?  If so, unless you are interested in training, you are likely not the type of person this program was developed for.  We look for young talented people that are passionate about art and enjoy working with children.  
If this sounds like you, simply follow this proven process and you can be making good money while bringing happiness to children, families and communities in no time.  
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Fun Face Academy

Stage 4

Practice, Practice, Practice
Practice with your friends and family at home and at designated practice and testing sessions that take place at local youth services organizations where there are an endless amount of children eager to have you paint their faces.
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Fun Face Academy

Stage 5

E.P.I.C. Experiences Powered by Karma™
In partnership with world-renowned brands and causes, this stage was designed to cultivate incredibly exciting and rewarding life experiences that promote work ethic, foster leadership & collaboration and instill superior customer service qualities.
Officially become part of the Fun Face Express® team of Certified Artists once you pass our Junior Artist requirements in quality, speed, maturity and attitude.  
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