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Fun Face Express® has a continuously growing list of all original face paint designs that are theme-based and customizable. This makes for an interactive experience between the child and artist unlike any other that we’re aware of.  Check out our current themes and learn more about our "Powered by Karma Events" below.

Animal Kingdom

This theme is all about your favorite animals.  Have you ever wanted to be a lion king and roam with elephants, zebras and tigers?  How about a cheetah chasing an antelope at lightning speed?  We can bring Africa to you!

Princess & Fairy Tales

This is our most popular theme for girls and includes the largest set of designs that we have for any theme.  If you want to be a beautiful princess or interested in incredible butterfly and flower designs, this is the theme for you.

Heroes & Villains

This is our most popular theme for boys for obvious reasons.  We have our own designs for most favorite superheroes and a number of villains.   So for those imaginations hoping to have spider-like powers or knock down walls with their bare hands or be the savor of Gotham, this theme will NOT disappoint. 

Sea Side Aquarium

This theme is all about your favorite sea creatures.  Have you ever wanted to be a shark or whale?  How about an octopus or a turtle?  We have plenty of great designs and continously expand upon this theme so let us know your favorite sea creature and we will bring it to life!

Monster Madness

People may think this is a popular theme for Halloween which it is but there are many monsters that appeal to children of all ages throughout the year.   We’ve also recently added some very cool designs for those young girls that dream of going to that trendy High School for Monsters!

Sports Nation

This theme is all about elevating team spirit for your local sports team whether they’re playing a major stadium or local gym this is the theme for you.   This theme is for boys and girls of all ages and is the fastest growing in our portfolio.  We are constantly adding new designs for professional teams along with local universities and school systems.

Global Adventure

This is a special theme for the Fun Face Express® team because we are ALL about instilling global awareness and multiculturalism.  Tell us where you’re from or where you dream of going and we’ll come up with a set of designs for you if we don’t already have them.  For those parents, teachers and event organizers looking to provide their a truly unique and entertaining global educational learning experience, please contact us directly to learn more.

Holiday Themes

Face painting is a no brainer for holidays.  Imaginations run wild during holiday times which is what face painting is all about.  We love face painting children as little bunny rabbits before their Easter Egg Hunts or like Santa’s little Elves or Reindeer during a Christmas holiday party or parade. 

Zombie Apocalypse

Hands down the most popular designs for teens and young adults during Halloween.  Let us bring the scary to your schools, neighborhoods, parties and haunted houses!

Cool Glow Works™

By popular demand, Fun Face Express® has added a glow in the dark experience to our list of themes.  We expect this to be the fastest growing theme in 2016 because it includes glow in the dark face painting, temporary tattoos, necklaces, bracelets, etc.  Give us a call to work with a Fun Face Express event specialist to create your very own unique glow in the dark experience.   This Cool Glow Works theme package is great for Nightclubs, Laser Tag, Glow Bowling and we’re confident the list will keep growing now that we’ve officially launched this as a theme package.

No Rules

This is the ultimate package for large events that want options for kids, teens and adults of all ages.  Only our Master Artists are available for this theme because it includes every design we have and much more.   These leading artists can make designs on the fly and are up for any  challenge.   Select from our slew of designs or search for whatever you want on a mobile device and our artists will bring it to life.  This is very popular for very large events and adults looking to bring some fun and humor to their parties or events.

Build Your Own Designs (BYOD)

This theme requires a lead-time of a minimum of 1 month as it includes working collaboratively with a professional computer graphics designers and an event specialist to collectively come up with your very own unique theme.   We offer $150 gift certificates for any custom themes that becomes an official Fun Face Express® theme due to popular demand.  Cool Glow Works is a great example of a Build Your Own Designs (BYOD) project that has now become an official Fun Face Express®.

Powered by Karma Events

Our slogan is Powered by Karma™ for a reason. We firmly believe that giving back to communities is what drives our business.  Our leading artists often volunteer their services for fundraisers and other events that align with our core values. For event coordinators supporting a good cause – we thank you – and please contact us to learn more about “Good Karma Events" and how to become one.
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