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I’m not receiving rapid responses. What’s the deal?

You’re probably missing out on our emails because your email service has blocked our emails as spam. How frustrating! Try adding us to your contact list (see below) or find your Internet Service Provider (ISP) safe list and add to it. You may have to contact your ISP to see what the issue might be.

Here’s how you add Fun Face Express’ address to your contacts list:

• AOL - select “Add Address”

• Apple - select “Contacts” > “New Contact”

• Boxbe - select “Add to Guest List”

• Gmail - select “Contacts” > “New Contact”

• Hotmail or MSN - select “Save Address(es)”

• Outlook or Outlook Express - select “Add To Address Book”

• Yahoo! Mail - select “Add To Address Book”

If this doesn’t work, then it could be an extremely rare case of someone on our side dropping the ball. Responsiveness is in our DNA and is imperative to a person’s overall customer experience especially in the 21st Century. Therefore, if you feel that Fun Face Express isn’t being responsive, please send an email to and a rapid response will surely follow. We’ve received rewards specifically for our response time such as the one below and are committed to maintain this level of responsiveness.


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