March 13, 2016

    Everyone knows traveling is fun. It helps us to break away from the routine of our everyday lives and grants us a brief reprieve from stressful responsibilities (once we make it through the traumatic experience that is airport security, that is). But the most impor...

January 28, 2016



            It’s something you’ve probably heard before: making art has been proven to have a profound positive impact on our mental health. So why don’t more of us do it?


            The answer is pretty simple, and chances are you’ve said i...

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About Us

Fun Face Express® brings imaginations to life through high quality face painting, creative learning experiences and complementary add-on services.  


Our core mission is to bring happiness to children, families and communities while providing opportunities for young artists to use their talents for employment and social good.

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Fun Face Express LLC

8 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, 3rd Floor

Boston, Massachusetts, 02109

Fun Face Express